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This is from the founder of Autodesk. I guess he's become frustrated enough with Windows 95 programming to make the following observations:

"Well I'll Be Damned" by John Walker --

The top ten reasons Eternal Damnation is better than Windows Software Development

It never ends. 10You think you're almost done, but you never really finish.
You burn forever, but are not consumed.9Each update introduces new and improved tortures,
which slowly consume you.
Your fate is in the hands of Satan, Prince of Darkness.8Your fate is in the hands of Gates, Prince of Incompatability.
Satan gives you something you want in return for being damned.7Gates makes you buy Windows 95.
It is avoidable; an attractive widely-marketed alternative is available.6Resistance is futile. All the alternatives are damned or doomed.
It is free.5You pay, and pay, and pay just to stay in the game.
Satan was once an angel.4Gates started by writing a BASIC interpreter.
Hell has no Windows.3Microsoft does.
You only pass the Gates of Hell one time.2The Gates of Microsoft keep popping up everywhere you look.
Satan genuinely believes in the triumph of evil. Gates just does it for the money.